For April 17th

  1. Read Chapter 11: Designing in Digital
  2. Everyone please pick an advertising campaign that involves storytelling to present in 5-7 minutes in class. Please send me a short email telling me which campaign you want to do, so we don’t have any campaigns twice. First come first serve. If the campaign you want to do has already been approved for someone else’s presentation, you have to pitch another one to me. No blog entry necessary for this, at least not yet! (-:
  3. Do some brainstorming and a rudimentary storyboard for an ad campaign involving story. Put this into a blog entry.
  4. The video part of your ad campaign will be done ALL MOBILE! In preparation for this, make sure you have a phone or the mobile device available that can both shoot and edit. All modern smart phones & tablets are capable of this! You might have to put some additional software on the it for the recording or the editing or both. I personally use filmic pro for the recording and iMovie or WeVideo for the editing. Please let me know if you need more advice or help choosing your apps. Once you have the right apps, please record & edit three 10-second videos for our next class to be presented in class!
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