For April 10th

  1. On April 3rd we did two blog entries in class. If you were absent that day, please create these blog entries:
    1. If an investor gave you $200.000 and two years to develop your game idea into a playable game and you accepted this challenge, how would you go about it? Develop a detailed action plan considering all angles involved.
    2. Define your game more closely using story structure, taking into account the following three corner points:
      1. How much resolution of the created conflict do you give to the player at which point. Keep in mind: There needs to be some kind of resolution at the end of each level. Too much resolution of the conflict, however, will cause the player not wanting to go to the next level, too little resolution, on the other side, will leave him or her frustrated
      2. How much freedom can you give to the player to decide the game’s storyline and why.
      3. To what extent do you need to define the game’s storyline and why.
    3. For April 10th, please create the following two blog entires:
      1. Lay out how you would go about actually finding an investor that WILL give you $200.000 and two years time.
      2. Specify in more detail by whom and how the game will be used to what end.
  2. Read chapter 9 & 10: The Walking Story Cycle & Storyboarding
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