For arch 27th & April 3rd

  1. On March 27th, I will be out of town for a conference, we will therefore not meet in class, the 27th will be a workday.
  2. Until March 27th, please prepare & put on your blog an approximately 1-page treatment for an interactive video game designed to increase awareness of sustainable behavior, both on and off campus. Your target group is college students like yourself. The ultimate goal of this game is to cause lasting behavior change for the players. Your game needs to include story aspects and, most importantly, it needs to be fun to play. Here are a two of things to consider before you start:
    1. What does sustainability actually mean?
    2. What sustainable enhancing measures area already in place on and off campus and what kind of changes are desirable or realistic.
  3. Between March 27th and April 3rd please go onto your fellow class members blogs, look at their treatments and leave constructive comments about why their game would likely be successful or what they may need to change to make it even more successful.
  4. Until April 3rd, please read chapters 7 & 8 in the Digital Storytelling textbook.
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