For April 11

  1. We wil meet in our regular classroom. Our excursion to the VR labs of HCC will be the following week.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, please post your chapter 7 / 8 video on your blog.
  3. Read chapter 22 in the text book.
  4. Write a proposal (there pages or so) for a VR application. This can be for a narrative or documentary film, for a game  or anything else that uses immersive VR. Make sure you explain in some detail the reason why your proposed project uses immerse VR. Write this proposal as if you were preparing to send this to  potential funder!
  5. On Friday, April 13th, there is a Symposium on the use of VR at HCC (where we will go the following week to play with their VR equipment.) ( I’m a presenter and co-roganizer of the Symposium and I need volunteers from our Digital Storytelling class to attend. You will get extra credit out of this if you do! (two missed blog entries will be forgiven.) I also need one students to take part in a panel discussion on the use of VR and another one to help me with my presentation. Lemme know if you can come and help! 
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