For Feb 21st

  1. Create another audio piece, very much like the one we’ve already done. This time: February 14th (valentine’s day) 1960, HOWEVER, this time plan for visuals to accompany the audio recording. Also please pay special attention to incorporate either conflict or humor into your story and make it emotional! I expect you to come to class with your VO recorded and your sound effects selected. If you want to record your VO in our sound booth with the fancy mic, be there at 7:00 pm, if you want to record it with your equipment at home, be in the classroom at 8:00. Also bring the visuals you have picked out. We will then work together in our regular classroom on putting them over the sound piece using Premiere.
  2. Get yourself familiar with the basics of Premiere. Use this tutorial I’ve recorded or or whatever you want.
  3. Read the chapter about interactiveness in the book and create a blog entry free-writng about this topic.
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