Welcome to Digital Storytelling Spring 2018!

Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry our first class had to be canceled!

To hit the ground running in our next class session, please see below what I would like you to accomplish by next week.

Assignments for Wednesday, January 24th:

  1. Start an online blog and send me the link.
  2. Write your first blog post (about 250 words) on the topic: “What is digital storytelling and why does it matter.” Write this blog entry BEFORE you open or read anything in the textbook. Do not consult the internet or any other books for this blog post!!!
  3. Also send me an image and a (very) short bio for the class blog.
  4. Watch Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and analyze for story line: https://vimeo.com/231413951 (Password: Psycho) Take notes and bring them to class.
  5. Get a lynda.com membership. The cheapest way of doing this is getting a City of Houston library card and access lynda.com through that.
  6. Get the following textbook: Digital Storytelling – A Creator’s Guide to Interactive Entertainment, 3rd edition, by Carolyn Handler Miller
  7. Read Chapter 1 in the text book (after you created and posted your forest blog entry!!!)
  8. Read the class syllabus, to be found on the ‘About” page of this blog.

Blogposts below this entry are from when I taught this class last in 2014 and can be safely ignored.

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