This Tuesday’s class

1) Be ready to present your film project the the other class members.

2) Please bring your most recent copy of your script to class on paper! I will make copies for the other class members, so we can help each other out with ideas and learn from each other’s mistakes by talking about it in detail in class.

3) Update y’alls blogs! Keep in mind: Your blog is something like a PRODUCTION DIARY! Everything in it should be related to your project somehow! As opposed to writing formal scripts etc, the blog is a tool for reflection, questions, doubts, new & related ideas. It is also supposed to be a communication platform for the students in this class (or maybe even beyond) I want to see TWO ENTRIES PER WEEK! Those don’t have to be long and in-depth entries, but they do have to demonstrate that you are thinking about your project on a constant basis. The more you ‘wrap your mind around’ that project, the better it will be in the end!

4) READ EACH OTHERS BLOGS! Leave comments, questions, give critical feedback, point out what might not work, etc. Start online discussions with your fellow class members! Provide the feedback you would like to have for your own production!

5) Think about what topic you want to lead a class discussion about. Have at least one idea ready for tonight.


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