For May 13th

Please put your final pieces of your ad campaign on the blog and make sure the blog is updated with all assignments!

If you haven’t completed the course evaluation for this class, please do so at:

Thank you for a great semester!

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For May 8th

1) We will meet at Nokturne (17062 Saturn Ln, Houston, TX 77058) at 7:00pm for the final presentations of our ad campaigns. Each campaign has to have one of the following:

  1. One or more 30 second video clips, both shot and edited mobile
  2. One Poster
  3. One Banner
  4. One Audio Spot
  5. One VR concept

2) Please read chapters 13 – 17 in the book, sum up each chapter in three sentences on the blog and leave a short three sentence comment about each chapter

3) Make sure you are current with all your blog entries.

4) Pleeeeaaaassseee download, fill out and send back to me the following off campus field trip form BEFORE Wednesday at 7:00: Release and Indemnification Agreement OGC-S-2013-11_Created 02.21.13

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For Wednesday, May 1st

  1. Whoever can make it: We will meet downtown Houston at HCC Central to look at their VR story telling lab. You can either come to the HCC lab at 6:00 directly (exact directions see below) or meet us at Axelrad (beer garden across the street from HCC) at 5:00 and then we all walk over together. This HCC visit is not mandatory, but an extracurricular enrichment of our syllabus! Not coming will not affect your grade in any manner. You come at your own risk and your own expenses, however, I think you guys might like what you’ll see! Here is the address of the lab:
    J B Whiteley Building, Room 215
    1301 Alabama Street, Houston, Texas, 77004
    Here is my cell phone #, in case you get lost: 832-746-4219
  2. Please get a cardboard VR viewer either locally from Bestbuy or Office Depot, or the like or online (should be under $5) and find & watch 3 VR stories and compare them in a blog entry. (I will list a couple of apps and sources here shortly!)
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for Wednesday, April 24th

  1. Read Chapter 11 & 12
  2. If you have not already done so: put a rough storyboard about your ad campaign on the blog.
  3. Create two 15 – 30 second rough draft videos for your ad campaign and put them both on the blog. You need to create them both mobile, meaning everything has to be done on you mobile device, including the editing!
  4. For those who were absent on April 17th: Please be prepared to do your presentations on the 24th.
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For April 17th

  1. Read Chapter 11: Designing in Digital
  2. Everyone please pick an advertising campaign that involves storytelling to present in 5-7 minutes in class. Please send me a short email telling me which campaign you want to do, so we don’t have any campaigns twice. First come first serve. If the campaign you want to do has already been approved for someone else’s presentation, you have to pitch another one to me. No blog entry necessary for this, at least not yet! (-:
  3. Do some brainstorming and a rudimentary storyboard for an ad campaign involving story. Put this into a blog entry.
  4. The video part of your ad campaign will be done ALL MOBILE! In preparation for this, make sure you have a phone or the mobile device available that can both shoot and edit. All modern smart phones & tablets are capable of this! You might have to put some additional software on the it for the recording or the editing or both. I personally use filmic pro for the recording and iMovie or WeVideo for the editing. Please let me know if you need more advice or help choosing your apps. Once you have the right apps, please record & edit three 10-second videos for our next class to be presented in class!
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For April 10th

  1. On April 3rd we did two blog entries in class. If you were absent that day, please create these blog entries:
    1. If an investor gave you $200.000 and two years to develop your game idea into a playable game and you accepted this challenge, how would you go about it? Develop a detailed action plan considering all angles involved.
    2. Define your game more closely using story structure, taking into account the following three corner points:
      1. How much resolution of the created conflict do you give to the player at which point. Keep in mind: There needs to be some kind of resolution at the end of each level. Too much resolution of the conflict, however, will cause the player not wanting to go to the next level, too little resolution, on the other side, will leave him or her frustrated
      2. How much freedom can you give to the player to decide the game’s storyline and why.
      3. To what extent do you need to define the game’s storyline and why.
    3. For April 10th, please create the following two blog entires:
      1. Lay out how you would go about actually finding an investor that WILL give you $200.000 and two years time.
      2. Specify in more detail by whom and how the game will be used to what end.
  2. Read chapter 9 & 10: The Walking Story Cycle & Storyboarding
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For arch 27th & April 3rd

  1. On March 27th, I will be out of town for a conference, we will therefore not meet in class, the 27th will be a workday.
  2. Until March 27th, please prepare & put on your blog an approximately 1-page treatment for an interactive video game designed to increase awareness of sustainable behavior, both on and off campus. Your target group is college students like yourself. The ultimate goal of this game is to cause lasting behavior change for the players. Your game needs to include story aspects and, most importantly, it needs to be fun to play. Here are a two of things to consider before you start:
    1. What does sustainability actually mean?
    2. What sustainable enhancing measures area already in place on and off campus and what kind of changes are desirable or realistic.
  3. Between March 27th and April 3rd please go onto your fellow class members blogs, look at their treatments and leave constructive comments about why their game would likely be successful or what they may need to change to make it even more successful.
  4. Until April 3rd, please read chapters 7 & 8 in the Digital Storytelling textbook.
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