For February 27th

  1. Read Chapter 5: Seven Steps to Digital Storytelling
  2. Listen to these three podcasts and create a blog entry about them:
    1. Moth:
    2. This American Live:
    3. Columbia University Storytelling Project:
  3. Create an at least ten panel story board for a personal story about anger and put it on the blog. Here is the motivation for the storyboard: IMG_4724
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For February 20th

  1. Record a visual story about valentines day and put it on the blog. Use Adobe Premiere. Here are two basic tutorials:
  2. Read chapter 4: The World of Digital Storytelling
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For Feb. 13th

  1. Improve and re-post your audio story by Monday:
    1. Deliver with more passion
    2. Add sound effects
    3. Use editing software like Adobe Audition
  2. After Monday, look at at least three audio stories from classmates and leave a short comment on their blog about what you like about it, how you think they have improved their piece and what they still might want to do.
  3. Read Chapter 3: “A Road Traveled”
  4. Watch the Quentin Tarantino interview & create a short blog entry about what was most memorable for you about it.
  5. Watch the film Roma on Netflix. Take some notes about what makes this film successful and bring those to class.
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For Feb 6th

  1. Record your story and put it on the blog. (audio recording)
  2. Watch Pulp Fiction and compare the story structure and effectiveness to Psycho. Do a blog entry about that in at least 250 words. Password: 1994
  3. Read chapter 2: “Stories of our Lives”
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For Jan. 30th

  1. Start an online blog and send me the link.
  2. Write your first blog post (about 250 words) on the topic: “What is digital storytelling and why does it matter for me.” Write this blog entry BEFORE you open or read anything in the textbook. Do not consult the internet or any other books for this blog post!!!
  3. Watch Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and analyze for story line: (Password: Psycho) Take notes and bring them to class.
  4. Get a membership. The cheapest way of doing this is getting a City of Houston library card and access through that.
  5. Read Chapter 1 (The Work of Story) in the text book (after you created and posted your forest blog entry!!!)

You can ignore posts below this entry.

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For May 3rd

Critique day for our final story project. Attendance obligatory!

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For April 25th

We will meet in our regular classroom and work on our final digital story. This is a workday with obligatory presence, unless agreed upon otherwise. I will be there to help you along with your project. If you haven’t pitched your final project to me yet, please doe so as soon as possible!

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